Brainstorming Session: How do you generate new business?

1. Networking
2. Internet Leads
3. Sphere of Influence
4. Telemarketing – smiling and dialing
5. Referrals from past clients
6. Social Media
7. Everyone you talk to
8. Face to face – open houses
9. Make phone calls – warm calls to people you know who are interested
10. Everywhere you go – always be on
11. Blogging
12. Advertising
13. Word of mouth
14. Name recognition
15. Knock on doors
16. Grow a good team
17. Post tips on social media

Speaker: Monika Moss-Gransberry, MKM Management Consulting

Topic: Using Strategic Planning to Leverage Your People, Productivity, and Profits

Not everyone wants to be the biggest company but rather are a lifestyle company.
Are you building a business that you want to leave to your children or that you want to sell in the future?

Strategic planning used to be expensive and time consuming. Today, it is a good idea to have your group come together and come up with your group’s values and your vision.

When things shift and change, you have to go back to your roots and where you started in the beginning of your career. Back to the basics. What makes you different and better than your competition? Transitional planning is trying to align their processes. Transformation planning is when you need to restructure and come up with your core mission.

Vision is the key to strategic planning. Dream a little and what would your ideal business look like? How do we get there from here? That leads to the strategic thinking. That’s the creativity part. It then ends up with implementation and a process to manage that over time. Set goals and then a 90 day action plan.

Every company should be doing strategic planning to get where they want to go.

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