Brainstorming Session: What kinds of stories do you use in your business?
Prior business experience story
Kid stories
Why I got in the business story
Nightmare story
Past experience story
Find something in common
Product story
Sympathize stories

Speaker: Rebecca Ferlotti, Free Lance Writer
Topic: Effective Story Telling for Business

Find Your Stories
Common Theme: humor, can relate, personal experience, build relationships, have a twist.
Most stories have a beginning, middle and end. Skip the beginning and drop a reader right in the middle.
Stories should be Simple, Unconventional, Concrete and Emotional.
Google Trends will tell you top stories people are looking at recently.
Twitter Trends will also list top tweet topics.
What your customers ask most often is a great way to determine the topics for your blogs.

Optimize Your Stories
Keyword Tools such as MOZ or BuzzSumo can determine common organic searches for your business.
Paid Searches.
Easiest way to generate business is to have a blog.
Incorporate keywords into your blog as much as you can.
Get your name out by joining groups and going to events.
Have backlinks to your site from other readers or companies.
Have team members share your blog on their social media and that creates backlinks.
Inspirational quotes are a great thing to share and generate responses.
Write on the back of their card your conversation or interesting points.

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