Brainstorming: How do you motivate the people you work with?

*Time off
*Find out what motivates them
*Let team members know that we are there to help
*Share success stories with newer team members
*Complimenting team members
*Educating the new team members
*Congratulate team members on a good job
*Let team members know their standings
*Social events for team members
*Always available
*Keep good people around you

Speaker: Tom Clark, Direct Consulting Associates
Topic: How to Make the Most of the Largest Generation of Workers: The Millennials

Millennials Are
*Very important because baby boomers continue to retire.
*Overtook Baby Boomers as the largest demographic.
*Tech Savvy
*Job Hoppers – 66% expect to leave their organization by 2020

Millennials Want
*Chance to work with talented people
*Opportunity to create meaningful work
*To see purpose to what they are doing
*Flexible hours
*Work/life balance
*Great company culture

Attracting & Landing Millennial Talent
*Technology – modern websites and positive social media practices and reviews
*Interview Process – contacting by text and video interviewing
*Making the offer – offer paid time off, flexible work hours, competitive benefits, vacation
*90% say they would prefer benefits over a pay raise
*Current demand for top talent – offers need to have it all and matchmaking is more important than ever
*Remote connectivity/work from home
*Highlight culture, values, social causes, charity, and events
*Emphasize the ways your company contributes to society in recruiting
*Almost 70% say that giving back and being civically engaged are their highest priorities

Retaining Millenial Talent
*Training and development – they place high value on having training available
*Reverse mentoring programs – let them share their technological knowledge
*Town hall meetings
*Listen and learn – What is going well? What is not going well? What is one thing you would change?
*Flexible work schedule and a relaxed workplace
*Social Interaction – happy hours, lunch and learns, company picnics
*Describe the result you are looking for and let them figure out how to get there
*Hold them accountable for mistakes and praise them for success
*Shorten feedback loop – do reviews at least quarterly
*Create career paths with a timeframe short enough for them to envision
*Reward small successes along the way
*Win their affection

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