Brainstorming:  Your Key Marketing Tools
  • Myself and Being In Front of People
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Information
  • My Team
  • Phone
  • CRM – Customer Retention Medium
  • Past Clients
  • Email
Speaker:  Matt Bangerter, Attorney
Topic: My Marketing Experiment
  • Let people know your strengths. It’s a moral imperative.
  • Set yourself apart.
  • Don’t sell yourself but rather give away your information.
  • Create monthly newsletters to remind prospects you are in business.
  • Write a book and give away copies.
  • Become the expert.
  • Track where business comes from.
  • Build a network for referrals.
  • Send letters to competitors and ask their specialties.
  • Use 3-15-5-1 Rule. 3 in-person meetings, 15 messages, 5 calls, 1 gift.
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