By Joseph A. Zingales


Every Seller wants their home to sell fast! There are important factors such as price and location, but the other important factor is CONDITION.
There is a lot of emotion in selling your home. You need to set these emotions aside though and understand that this is now a business transaction. Your home needs to appeal to the general public. A home buyer needs to be able to see the space that the home offers and be able to picture themselves in the home. For this reason, it is crucial to have a professional HOME STAGER help you prepare your home for sale.
A stager will come to your home and initially give you a consult on what you need to do. Listen to the stager. The stager will have you DE-PERSONALIZE and DE-CLUTTER your home. This will entail selling, giving away and throwing away many things that you have laying around your home. If you cannot part with things then you need to put them in storage. The photographs and family heirlooms will need to be packed away. You want buyers to see themselves living in the property, not picturing you there.
You will need to go through each room and clean off counters, package things in bathrooms which are not used regularly and put them in cabinets. It makes for a tidier look and more uniform. The items may be put in small baskets or decorative receptacles. Clean out your refrigerator and pantry. REARRANGE all the items. This will help in showing how meticulous you maintain your home. You may need to update appliances as well.
You will want to look at paint and flooring. Flooring needs to be UNIFORM so it runs fluently through the home. Mix matched carpet and floor coverings do not promote a nice FLOW. Baseboards should be painted and look FRESH. It makes a nice contrast with the flooring. Every room should have newer paint. The stager will recommend paint colors for you. This will save you time and time is our most precious commodity. The stager knows what colors will help your property POP when pictures are taken for your listing. 90% of home buyers are shopping online. If the photos do not pop or if there are none, then your property will not get showings!
Closets need to be re-arranged and uniform. Clothes should be hung neatly. Any clothes you have not worn in a year should be donated, sold at garage sale or given away to a charity.
You will need to go through the property and make a punch list of items that need to be corrected. You may need to hire a contractor for some of these items.
The landscaping may need to be spruced up to give the property CURB APPEAL. The exterior paint may also have to be addressed. Simple things like washing windows inside and out help immensely in how the property shows while people are walking through the home.
The goal here is to make your home sparkle when buyers come through it! Buyers in today’s market want homes that are MOVE-IN READY. By making the necessary improvements and taking time to get your property ready for the market will reduce time on the market and get you the desired value you are looking for. Good luck with Selling!

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