BRAINSTORMING:  Biggest Obstacles You Face When Trying to Negotiate? 

 Need to discuss with someone else
 Loss of face to face interaction
 Getting to the right person
 Understanding what the mission is
 Not giving it time or being flexible enough

SPEAKER: David LeMond, Edward Jones
Topic:  Some examples of Tactical Empathy based on the book “Never Split The Difference: Negotiating
As If Your Life Depended On It “by Chris Voss.

1) Labels: seems like, sounds like, appears that
2) Mirrors: repeating the last 1-3 words your counterpart has just said
3) No oriented questions: Yes is commitment. No is protection. “Would it be crazy for us to get together?”
4) One-Sentence Email: “Have you given up on this project?”
5) Proof of Life: “you’ve been very successful to this point using your current vendor. Why would you
switch to me?”
6) Accusations Audit: summarizing all of the points, especially the negative points, that the other side may
be feeling about the situation.
7) Tone of Voice: and upward inflection at the end of a statement tends to soften it and is less

David LeMond, Edward Jones: 440-354-4157 /

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