Brainstorming Session: What holds you back from achieving your goal?

Key Takeaways

• Be prepared to shift your goal.

• You may end up going two steps backward to move one step forward, don’t let it stop you.

• As you go through life understand that with each new situation you will need to adapt.

• Once you reach your goal, continue to push yourself.  Always try to improve.

• If you can make it through life never being called a 1) quitter 2) liar or 3) thief, you have led a successful life.

• When leading a business, you need to establish the culture of your company from the ground up starting on day one.  Lead by example and show up giving your best every day.

• It is good to set a long-term goal but make sure to stay focused on the next step in the journey.  This is especially important when working with kids, they need to understand that in order to fulfill their dreams there will be many milestones along the way that must be met first.

Iain Duncan, Mentor Ice Breakers Professional Hockey Club,

Speaker, Iain Duncan, won an NCAA Hockey National Championship in college, was a professional athlete for 12 years and has now transitioned to the coaching/business side of the sport.  He spoke about overcoming obstacles, sacrifices that need to be made and more.  

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