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In 1965 Auburn Career Center started with just 7 programs geared at helping area high school students learn in-demand trade skills, offering an opportunity for a successful future without going to college.  Now, more than 50 years later, Auburn offers more than 23 programs for high school students and has expanded its reach well beyond its initial four school districts.

Once known as a school for troubled students, Auburn has worked hard to rebrand and become a highly respected option to a strictly traditional high school experience.  Additionally, post-secondary and community programs are being added as needs are identified.

Most programs for the high school students last two years and include time split between their home school and Auburn.  Internships are now also becoming popular; some employers are even paying students for their time attending class at Auburn.  Businesses are offering Auburn seniors now for a May start.

Students volunteer to be part of a Drug-Free Program!  The students that volunteer to be drug tested, and submit to random drug tests, are given a card that they can show employers that they are Drug-Free.

Auburn Career Center Business Partnerships – Auburn is very involved in the community and working with area businesses to find the best ways to benefit students and companies.

Auburn has a restaurant with all the food prepared by students, supervised by their instructor, in the culinary program.  The restaurant is open Thursdays and Fridays from noon-1:30 p.m., reservations are necessary since they are often booked weeks out.

Random Stats and Information:
• Upon graduating from Auburn: 30% of the students go to college, 70% directly go to work
• In Ohio, 20% of students attend trade schools, locally only 11% do
• Several programs have more applicants than spots available in the class
• If all technical schools in the state were graduating students at their max capacity, it would still not create a large enough workforce to replace the baby boomers
• The top three in-demand jobs right now are in Manufacturing, IT, and Healthcare

Dave Cowen, Auburn Career Center,

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