1.     If you are going to focus on being healthy, take the time to read the ingredients so that you know for sure what you are eating. 

2.     Use the App “Blinkish” to help make yourself more well-rounded.  It takes books on various topics and summarizes them into 15 minutes.

3.     Create a calendar for 21 days (often said it takes 21 days to form a new habit) of something you want to change about yourself and stick to it.

4.     Every day do one more thing.  Use vision boards and keep refreshing your goals.

5.     Make a decision and move forward.  Do not second guess yourself.

6.     Think to the future, plan for your family (e.g., make a will).  Be prepared.

7.     Sometimes you must start over.  Buckle down, make it your focus and Make It Happen.

8.     If you are looking to rediscover who you are, find your purpose and then do what you do need to follow it.

9.     Tie up loose ends.  You can focus better on major projects when you are not worrying about issues you could have already easily resolved.

10.  Avoid being stressed and anxious.  Don’t worry so much about the leaps and bounds needed to get where you are going, instead, focus on that day and what you can accomplish.  It is the small steps in between the leaps and bounds that will get you where you need to go. 

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