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Business professionals often do subtle things that may hinder their success:

1. Spelling and grammatical errors – A misspelled word once in awhile can be overlooked, but a few in one email or letter is unprofessional. Use Spell Check with all letters, marketing pieces, etc.

2. Doing rather than instructing – Performing the task rather that instructing your employee on how to do it is not good business practice. It may take more time initially to show someone how to do a task, but you will never be able to turn it over if you do not take the time to train someone else.

3. Allowing interruptions – We need to be able to close the door on distractions in order to finish important projects. Someone else’s crisis does not have to be our crisis!

4. Reading emails several times per day – Emails are the number one distraction and time waster that professionals face. It is recommended that emails are read only three times per day. This will ensure that important tasks are completed.

5. Logging onto Facebook several times per day – Whether you are checking your Facebook account or posting to it, logging onto Facebook more than once or twice a day is counterproductive.

6. Posting too much content on social media sites – It is a good idea to post something onto your social media sites every week, but once or twice a week is recommended. Once someone starts to post too much content, then all of their posts are ignored. In contrast, if someone posts one good post a week, it is more likely to be read.

7. Passing the blame onto an employee – Most likely it is the leader who has dropped the ball somewhere either with follow up, training, etc. It is easy to blame someone else, but a leader should always take a look at the entire work flow to see if there is something that can be improved.

8. Negative mindset and bringing personal issues to work – A leader with a negative mindset will find it difficult to succeed. Everyone has personal issues they are dealing with, but those issues need to remain outside of the work environment. This will make for a happier and more productive work force.

9. Leaving the subject line in an email unchanged – Changing the subject line in an email each time you reply to an email will keep the email on topic and will be a good reference point should you need to keep the email for future reference.

10. Dressing and speaking unprofessionally – Your first impression to a future client may be your only chance to win them over. You should always be on!

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