By Power Hour – Mentor


1. Share the wealth with your employees. Offer profit-sharing, bonuses, etc.

2. Write a one page goal sheet each day with a few key goals for the day.

3. Forget the golden rule. Treat your customers how they want to be treated. Learn personalities and how to adapt to them.

4. Say thank you. It makes employees work harder.

5. Give power to the people. Allow employees to solve problems and handle issues rather than always coming to you.

6. Always be willing to help and people will think of you first even when it is not your area of expertise.

7. Answer your own phone. It impresses your clients and often times speeds up the process.

8. Keep a mirror behind your phone. It makes you smile first before answering the phone.

9. Think of the phone ringing as a cash register going off.

10. Measure everything. Do the most productive thing you can do and only do that.

11. Teach staff to manage their time. They will be more productive and the whole office will benefit.

12. Ask for sales referrals. Just ask. The worst they can say is no.

13. Build the brand. Become top of mind.

14. Start meetings on time. That respects everyone’s time.


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