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Our brainstorming topic was derived from an article by Daily Mail Reporter, “Having a desk job leads to a shorter life as sitting down all day doubles the risk of diabetes and heart attacks.” According to the article, studies indicate that sitting is bad in itself irrespective of other times spent exercising and that society forces us to sit too much in school, work, cars, etc.

The Power Hour Mentor Chapter came up with some solutions to combat sitting down too much:

  • Get up once an hour and take a walk. Set an alarm on your phone as a reminder.
  • Stand up the first fifteen minutes of an office meeting. This was mentioned in the article, too, and we agreed!
  • Stand up at your work station for part of the day; maybe once an hour or every time you answer the phone. Woman should wear comfortable shoes or bring an extra pair to work.
  • Exercise needs to be part of your lifestyle in order to maintain optimum health.
  • Exercise is not only good for your body, but it helps with creative thinking so it is good for your business!

According to our speaker, Bob Kaleal of Bodies Done Right and Health 360, the benefits of exercise in the workforce:

  • Improvements in employee morale
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • More productive work force
  • Improved employee decision-making ability

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