Passing school levies will help school districts capture new home owners and help retain current property owners. There are those who feel that the tax dollars are not being spent wisely on the schools. When levies such as buses for schools are not passed it puts a heavy burden on parents in the school district. When schools face overcrowding, they may need more text books. The textbooks may also be out of date. When the levies are put on the ballot they need to be passed. The students will only have the Core Four classes which are Math, English, Science and Social Studies. Other classes such as fine arts, foreign languages, physical education and extracurricular activities may be deleted because of a levy not passing. By eliminating all of these programs to savemoney, we are doing these students a disservice. Yes, I do agree that schools should be held accountable for their spending, that insome places money is being mismanaged and of course there are better, more efficient waysto manage the current funds.The next time there is a school levy the voters should look at the levy and decide if not passing the Levy is worth property values decreasing.


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