Every business owner should consistently find ways to improve if they want to have a viable business. Identifying an area of your business that needs work is the first step. Local business owners shared an area of their business that they would like to focus on this year:
1. Documenting processes aka white papering your systems
2. Prospecting to a new demographic and learning techniques to cultivate this new business
3. Training for a new position
4. Creating a formal referral process
5. Mastering time management or at least getting a better handle on it
6. Learning the different social media outlets and using them routinely
7. Prospecting more and asking for the business or for referrals
8. Getting in front of people with more face-to-face interactions
9. Marketing on a consistent basis rather than just when I am slow
10. Informing the public rather than always trying to sell them something
11. Finding an associate to expand the business
12. Becoming more consistent in all aspects of my business
Pick your top priority and work on it until you master it. Then pick another area of your business and focus on that. This is called working on your business not just in your business and it will help your business thrive!
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