Speaker Steve Peter discussed Conflict Management at the latest Power Hour meeting!

There are positive results of Conflict: Ideas, New Strategies, Problem Orientation, Clarification, Motivation and Challenge.

We often perform a perception of why people act the way they do but it is often wrong. The better rapport you have with someone, the more leeway you will give them. This avoids conflict. Timing is important with conflict. It is better to resolve a conflict quicker. The longer it goes, the worse it gets.

Often ego comes into play with conflict either causing the situation or escalating an issue further. Consulting with someone on how they get along with the difficult person is a great way to get another perspective. Remember the saying that there are only so many bullets in the gun. In other words, it is better to let things go and to choose your battles.

Ultimately, the best way to minimize conflict is to have Mutual Respect for one another and to find a Common Bond.

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