Local business members discussed the latest business technology with James Mallory at e2b Teknologies.

  • ipad use in the field
  • chat service on websites
  • voice messaging on websites
  • social media for business
  • cloud hosted applications
  • apps – plug and play extensions
  • software subscriptions vs. buying the software
  • seo traffic monitoring

25% of all websites use the Word Press platform for website creation because of its ease of use.

Next Generation wants more lean sites and apps. Just give them what they need and not all the extras. They also demand low cost alternatives for every type of software available.

Zen Desk is a chat service that stores questions and answers and creates a frequently asked questions form/page.

Sources For Technology: Google, Apps.com and Capterra Directory.

Business technology is constantly evolving and it is a good idea for companies to keep up with some of the changes in order to grow each year. It is not practical to keep up with every change but reviewing technology changes periodically and having a goal to implement at least one change each year seems like a good goal!

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