Local business owners discussed why it is important to support your local community:

  • It is the right thing to do
  • It is where you live and you should want to see your immediate area improve
  • If you give, you will receive
  • We are blessed, so we should help the less fortunate
  • It creates an interconnection with the community
  • When you give, you will receive it back ten fold
  • It feels good to give
  • It proves you are human and more than just your job
  • It creates new connections and opens up possibilities
  • Working on the micro level will help to increase the macro level (greater well being)

Speaker: Sharon McGraw with Chardon Tomorrow – Ohio Main Street Program and Why it is Important

“The most important reason giving back to a community is important is because a community watches over your family. It is not something you can market or sell. It comes from within. It is being part of something strong and healthy that is so important.”

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