Creative Exterior Color Schemes for Your Home

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If you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal, consider getting creative with your exterior color scheme. From shutters to doors to railings and more, whatever style home you have can be easily updated with a touch of paint. Whether you want a pop of color or something a little more muted, get inspired by these unique, fun and creative color combinations. 

Stick to the Classics
Shades of beige, light and warm, can do wonders for a classic home. If done right, even the most basic colors can stand out. Start with a light beige on the siding and compliment with a bright white on any railings, shutters, window frames and steps. Go for a warmer brown-tone for the door, paired with a dark colored lantern as a light fixture to draw the eye to the entrance. Playing with shapes, tones and textures can heighten this color scheme. Using muted tones doesn’t have to be boring if done correctly. 

Play With Primary 
Blue, red and yellow represent each of the primary colors. Not only are they vastly different, but they also compliment each other. Though this may seem like an odd combination to put on the exterior of a home, if done right, it can provide a unique and interesting depth. Start with a deep blue coat on the majority of the house. For your pop of color, and depending on your personal style and the style of your home, add a bright red or yellow to the door. This will draw attention to the entrance. Whichever color you did not choose for the door, use sparingly for accents, like furniture, welcome mats and even potted plants.   

Warm Up With Wood
If your personal color palette leans more towards cooler tones, like different shades of gray, you can easily warm that up with wooden accents. For a more modern style home constructed out of concrete, adding stark and natural wood features creates a unique look. Brighten up your entryway with an orange-toned wooden door, complemented by wooden window frames and a matching fence. This color scheme works well with lots of greenery, heightening the natural elements in contrast to the bare-boned grays. Even adding a grass wall or vine with some hanging greenery can bring out the earthy tones in the wood and draw attention to the modern and contemporary concrete.