Curb Appeal Affects Real Estate Sales

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The first thing a buyer notices when they pull up to a home is the curb appeal. The home’s exterior including the siding, windows, garage door, front door and roof as well as the landscaping, decks and patios all need to show well!

More Showings
Having great curb appeal will create more showings on a property. Real estate is often a numbers game, meaning the more people that see a property, the more likely it will sell. Some buyers may decide not to even go into a property if they do not like the curb appeal. A favorable curb appeal will capture a client’s interest and make them want to see more.

Sell Faster
Of course more showings should help a home sell faster. Another reason a home might sell faster with good curb appeal is that when the initial impression is favorable, that feeling will last with the buyer as they go through the home. They will assume that the same care has been taken inside the home as well.

Sell For More Money
Realtors rank curb appeal as the most important in selling a home for top dollar. Buyers start deducting right away when the exterior of the home is not meticulous. When you are meticulous with the outside of your home, a buyer will assume you are meticulous with the routine maintenance of the home as well. Investing in the home’s exterior appearance is a good return on investment as well because a seller can expect to see return dollars for their efforts.

A buyer will look at a home as a total package but it is the curb appeal that makes the first impression that will stick with them. When they come back for a second showing and pull in the driveway, they will remember the home right away and how it made them feel. It is that emotional connection that will make them feel like this is home!