Home Improvement Projects that can Hurt Your Home

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Homeowners often renovate their homes to create enjoyment today with hopes of adding value that they can realize in the future. Not every home improvement project will increase the value or saleability of a home though. Some projects may even hurt a property's chance of selling. Here are a few home improvement projects to avoid:

•    Garage Conversion - Do not convert a garage into living space unless you add another garage to the property. You will exclude many home buyers who want a garage.

•    Combine Bedrooms - Do not combine two bedrooms to create a larger bedroom. This will exclude home buyers who are looking for a certain number of bedrooms.

•    Wallpaper - Do not wallpaper your home. This is more of a permanent treatment and is difficult to remove. Paint and pictures look just as nice and are easier to change.

•    Closet Removal - Do not remove a closet to create more space in a bedroom. This will make it more difficult to sell the home and may cause an appraisal issue as well.

Usually home improvement projects will increase the value of a property and help it sell quicker. Sometimes though, it will have the opposite effect. Keep these things in mind when deciding on your next home improvement project!