Sell Before Buying or Buy Before Selling?

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Should I sell before I buy or should I buy before I sell? This is a common question from current homeowners who would like to move. Sellers are nervous to sell first and then not be able to find a new home that meets their needs. They are also nervous of finding the home of their dreams and purchasing it before they sell and then having two mortgage payments until their first home sells.  Let’s explore the advantages of buying a new home prior to selling your existing home.

Time to Move
One of the advantages of buying a new home prior to selling your existing home is that you will have plenty of time to get the new home ready to move into with updates such as painting and new flooring prior to actually having to move in. This is a nice option rather than having to do the updates while living in the home. Also, you will have time to pack your current residence and move into the new home and can even do it over time if you choose.

Move Only Once
By purchasing a new home first, you will avoid the need to possibly have to move twice. If you sold your home first but had no place to move, you might need to put your belongs into storage and move into temporary housing until you find your new home and close on it. You will likely incur rental charges both with a storage unit and housing. Purchasing a new home first will avoid the hassle of having to move twice.

In spite of the good things this option offers, the biggest disadvantage of buying before selling is the possibility of paying two mortgages at the same time. This will be the case if you have already bought a new home but you are unable to find a buyer quickly for your existing home. If there is only a month or two overlap, that might be a better option than moving twice and incurring rental charges. If the timeframe is longer than two months, it may not be worth buying before selling.

You can buy a new home prior to selling your existing home. There are advantages and disadvantages to this option. There are also ways to minimize the risk of buying before selling. A competent real estate agent deals with this situation often and can provide options such as contracts with contingency clauses, rent back options, etc. Contact a Realtor today to help you buy a new home prior to selling your existing home!